Maëva’s Mapa Mundi

What is Maëva’s Mapa Mundi ?


As you can guess, Maëva, it’s me. I am a twenty-year-old French girl, and also a foreign languages student. Mapa Mundi, it’s the project I want to develop this year. The idea came to me when I was about to leave France to study abroad in Spain, Granada for six months thanks to Erasmus. After 3 years studying English and Spanish, I wanted to blog about my little adventures that my relatives could keep up with. I also want my articles to help future Erasmus students, so let’s say I will be a guinea pig! Finally, I want to share my other trips, my small personal discoveries and some good vegeta*ian addresses.

This blog is also a challenge. I want to write in three languages. A trilingual blog? It’s madness! You’re lucky, I’m not ready yet to write in Chinese even if I studied it for three years. As you can guess, I am far from being fluent. Of course, all articles won’t be translated because some of them will only address my dearest French fellow countrymen.


Where does the title come from?

I wanted something that would say: travel, discovery, unknown…the Wanderlust syndrome. Mapa Mundi, means World Map in Latin, as simple as that! It takes us back to the yellowed maps of Middle Age when we discovered new territories to stake a flag into almost every day and when pirates had maps tattooed on their back.


This need to touch witheredpaper and to smell old books came to me while watching Penny Dreadful (magnificent tv show, by the way) in front of Sir Malcom’s office and its endless maps on the wall. A sentence is still stuck in my mind:

“Will you name a mountain after me?”

I needed nothing more to take my backpack and travel the world. But I guess I will have to wait a bit before that.


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