Orange, 2016 (France)


My name is Maëva, I’m a 22 year-old french girl and I got a degrre in foreign languages. I only speak three languages (French, English, and Spanish) because my level of Chinese and Dothraki are too rudimental. I created this blog in January 2017 so people could follow Erasmus journey in Granada, Spain. I’m a true Jack-of-all-trades, I love reading, vegan cooking, tv shows and everything your grandma loves. I write this blog to share  my personal trips, my Erasmus experience or my gap year as an expatriate and French teaching assistant in Canterbury, England. You’ll find here my bad adventures in foreign countries, my favorites and my good plans.

If you want to know more about this blog, visit this article. While you’ll be reading me, I will certainly be drinking some tea in the Ravenclaw Common room, wearing my Camp Half-Blood’s t-shirt. I will still be dreaming about traveling the Highlands with Jamie Fraser, while watching pictures of my travels and reruns of The Nanny.

Psst, if you want to know, I also happen to write books. (in French tho)