Who am I ?

My name is Maëva Catalano, I’m a 90s baby and I love talking about travel and pop culture. In this blog, you’ll find my various experiences abroad and my passion for popular culture, especially books and TV series.

I grew up in Provence (although my accent does not betray me). Once I graduated High School, I began my bachelor degree in Clermont-Ferrand (Auvergne). I turned vegetarian after my 18th birthday and then transitioned to veganism. The animal cause became very important to me. I also had the taste of the worst of drugs: travel.

In 2017, I flew to Granada, Andalusia during my third year of my Applied Foreign Languages Degree. During my ERASMUS + exchange semester in Spain, I discover a new way of life in the faculty of translation and interpretation. Once graduated, I didn’t see myself going back to school in France, at least not for a while…

That same year, I decided to take a gap year and settle in Canterbury, England. I became a French Foreign Language Assistant in an international high school. This is when I discoverd how great teaching is. I’ve never stopped giving language classes since!

My desire to leave again is getting stronger and stronger. I make the decision to pack again and land at Walt Disney World, Florida in 2018. I stayed a semester in the United States before returning to France and beginning my Masters degree in Foreign Languages, Literature, and Regional Civilizations at the University of Paris Sorbonne in 2019. I specialized in North American Civilization and the influence of comics on popular culture.

During my studies, I took a lot of different student jobs‧ All odf them were linked to languages and tourism. I was once a tourist guide, a language tutor, a linguistic stay supervisor etc…

As you can imagine, I had to pack up one more time to start a new life but COVID19 decided otherwise. In the meantime, I work as creative and content writer. Looking back at my passions and professional experiences, my favorite subjects are pedagogy, languages and tourism, as well as exchange programs. I always add this pinch of pop culture that I love so much!

When I’m not chatting here, then I’m reading or writing a new novel (in French, for now). I may also record a new episode of podcast (still in French !) or hanging out on Instagram. I could also be getting a tattoo or trying out a new vegan restaurants. Who knows?

A few facts about me

📍 I have lived in 4 different countries so far: in France, Spain, the United Kingdom and the United States.

♈ I am Aries and I am proud of it. A real cliché.

🗣️ I speak French, English and Spanish. I would love to learn Portuguese, Romanian or Dothraki. I also took some Mandarin classes.

💻 My dream would be to become Digital Nomad and work all around the world.

🔀 I consider myself a slasher: I have several passions and professional activities.

💉 I love tattoos. Mine are inspired by my favorite destinations and cartoons and superheroes.

🌍 I was a volunteer interpreter for an events organization. I translated for TV actors, and it was really cool !

👅 I stick my tongue out a lot on pictures (way too much actually.)

I pose in front of notre dame sticking my tongue out with a "go vegan" iron patch