Capital of Street Art


Hi everyone! How you doing? Are you ready for a new visit? Calmer than the last ones, I promise! Today we relax a bit and we wander around in Granada, discovering its art…. In the street!

There are so many places where you can find street art in Granada. It goes from doodles to wonderful drawings with gigantic size that will leave you speechless. If I can give you any advice, go to these streets: Obispo Hurtado, Trajano and Emperatriz.


If you go further than downtown, you can meet the thinker, a violinist, there are so many art, even on school’s walls! Explore. Go to “Plaza Padre Suarez”, walk this very street and you will see some flamenco dancers on walls and even far away! Take advantage of that and go to the hotel Alhambra, it’s beautiful.


Walk around the street Vistillas de Los Angeles, or at Granada’s limits, near the mall called “Neptuno” take the pedestrian area/cycle lane than go alongside the road to the highway, you will walk newt to the Garcia Lorca park and you won’t believe it.

Some graffities are very realistic, others can seem crazy and colourful, other are full of violence… There are also some obscene drawings, that I chose not to show, and some were wasted by racist ideas… That is the way of the world. I will let you enjoy the pictures and I see you at the end of the article to tell you about a restaurant that goes very well with today’s subject.

Where to eat in Granada ?

Hicuri, 4 place of los Girones

Hicuri is one of my fav. It is actually the first vegan restaurant I ate in this semester. The restaurant was vegetarian before turning completely vegan a couple of years ago. And they are proud of it: on the wall, you can read “restaurant vegano”. Its walls are painted with graffities that look more like huge mural painting. You can listen to acoustic Disney songs played on the piano. You can try and taste the menu for only 14 euros, which is more than affordable according to me. I first took a soup, than an Asian plate with rice and spicy tofu and to finish a piece of chocolate cake that I can’t show you because I ate it all way before taking a picture. And I drank a coco milk hot cocoa with all that. I will go back, for sure.

You can find other restaurants here.




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