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Dover’s White Cliffs

I thought it would be better to get back on track with an article about my new home instead of falling immediately in the melancholia of the last articles about my journey in Spain. I can’t wait to show you more of Canterbury but meanwhile, here is Dover, another famous city of Kent.


Around Dover, there are two main attractions: Dover’s castle, and the White Cliffs. Today I am going to present you the latest, as I would need a full day to visit the castle, another time perhaps.

It is more or less easy to go to the cliffs by bus, as they situated close to Dover itself. You will need a mean of transport to go to Saint Margaret’s Bay. You will have the choice: either explore the cliffs through the top to watch the sea and the French coast; or through the bottom to feel the waves, the sand and the seaweeds. We chose both! While waiting for our bus to the cliffs, we enjoyed a hot beverage thanks to  The Street Pantry at an associations meeting next to the bus station of Dover.

We had the chance to experience an absolute serenity. Not a noise could be heard at the top of the cliffs, even seagulls were quiet. Our only companions were cows on the hiking trail, and eventually, some hikers.

On our way down, we stopped at Coast Guard, on the bay the only restaurant on that side of the cliffs and that must be very crowded in summer. Of course, there is the traditional fish and chips, but also some vegeta*ian alternatives, such as the sweet chili burger. A delicious plate served with a cider-beer..

We next went up again to relax on a bench, sat on the top of the greenest grass with a lovely sun, watching the sea. A perfect Indian summer moment. After an hour of chatting, we decided to go back downtown. We missed our bus by thirty seconds, so it gave us an excuse to wait an hour more in Shelly’s tea room.

We finished the day dead beat, after walking nearly 10 km on the cliffs and in Dover, while the sun was going down. It was already the time to go back home, Canterbury!


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