My Travel Wishlist

I’m coming back slowly and gently with a Travel wishlist. As I stated in my previous article, I just flew to Harry Potter’s country to teach French to muggles in a school that just looks like Hogwarts. This year will allow me to travel, or at least I hope so. You can discover below the podium of countries I want to visit and in the rest of the article, places I dream to travel to one day.


1 – Scotland

Inspiration: Outlander and Mango and Salt

Scotland and I fell in love. Well, for now it is only a one-way relationship but we are working on it. Today I am nearly reaching this goal. I always loved its folklore, dreamt about its romanticism, its highlands… This is why I fell in love with Outlander books and TV show and further on, with the blog Mango and Salt for the writer’s trips on the footsteps of Claire and Jamie. I want to do the same!


2 – Ireland

Inspiration: Game of thrones

Like Scotland, I would like to visit its fairy tale landscapes. This country was not necessarily on my “top list” but I am so close now, and I want to walk the cobbled pavements of Dublin and explore the sets of Game of thrones and its cliffs as far as the eye can see…


3 – Iceland

Inspiration: Games of thrones, Sense 8

Iceland became such an obsession lately, coming from nowhere or almost, if I can say. Some of my friends went to Nordic countries for their Erasmus, which lead me to have an interest in them, as it was not the case before. I dug to find some blogs and I discovers such different facets, its northern lights in winter, its green landscape empty of tourist in summer… Once again, sets from Game of thrones and Sense 8 finished to convince me.


4 – Greece

Inspiration : Mama Mia

I always loved Greece, especially its history, Antiquity.  I am a huge fan of mythology, I dream to visit the Parthenon…. I know the country is very popular for its islands and I would like to avoid tourist traps. The movie Mama Mia made a deep impression on me, and as its protagonists I do want to lost myself a couple of months on an island…


5 – France

Inspiration : Instagram

Our beautiful country do need more attention! Tourists travel to explore Paris, its capital. But I have been dreaming about Versailles since I was little, and the more I see beautiful pictures about Britannia and Corsica the more I want to go…


6 – Thailand

Inspiration: the elephants’ sanctuary

To be honest, I really do want to visit the whole Asian continent. Overpopulated or developing countries where there is so much to do. I want particularly touched by Thailand and its sanctuary for elephants, I dream about volunteering there some day. I am very sensible about the human and animal cause and I would like to volunteer on different projects.


7 – India

Inspiration: Eat, Pray, Love

I know that India has been known for its dangerousness, especially for women. But this country is so beautiful and I can’t help but putting it on my travel wish list. I feel more and more linked to the yoga ideology, like in Eat, Pray, Love. I also would like to retreat in an Ashram for a few weeks on day. How to change a life…


Of course, it’s only seven destinations among many others… I would also like to try the Working Holiday Visa in Australia, discover South America, explore the United States or go for an excursion in Asia, experience the madness of Tokyo… Such possibilities! I don’t know how long it will take me to visit all of those. Maybe a lifetime… What are your personal travel wish list?

pictures: pixabay

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