Maëva's Mapa Mundi


Granada historical center

Today we star tour visit with the historic centre of Granada. I really hope you read my first visit of Granada with my roommate. Are you ready for the next one? Here we go ! I a m not an history teacher nor a touristic guide. But if you want to learn more about our beautiful city, I suggest you  ...

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Non classé

The visits of T.

  Today I will let you enjoy an article full of pictures, with a quick guided tour of the City. Actually, the visit was organized by my former roommate T. and lasted more than 3 hours, it was my first discovering of the city. We literally passed by all the emblematic points of Granada even  ...

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Departure and settling

The Spanish Appartment

After a catastrophic first day I managed to stay in a youth hostel, found at Hostelworld. This hostel is Granada Inn Backpackers, only two minutes away from the center of the city walking and the staff is very welcoming. I didn’t have this “hotel” feeling, this gap between employees and  ...

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Maëva’s Mapa Mundi

What is Maëva’s Mapa Mundi ? As you can guess, Maëva, it’s me. I am a twenty-year-old French girl, and also a foreign languages student. Mapa Mundi, it’s the project I want to develop this year. The idea came to me when I was about to leave France to study abroad in Spain, Granada for six  ...

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