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Today we go a bit further than Granada to explore Andalusia and more specifically, Sevilla. I went for a day-trip in mid-February with Best Life Experience to see the most emblematic monuments of the city. I can only tell you that you can trust them one hundred percent, I didn’t test the other organizations so I can’t make comparisons. With them, I went to Sevilla, of course, but also to Gibraltar, Ronda, Morocco… etc. Visits I will tell you about later in the next articles!


Every day-trip will cost you a little bit less than 20 euros, with breakfast in the bus included. Monuments fees are between 2 and 3 euros for students so don’t forget you student card! We leave usually very early to make the most of the day when we arrive. Unfortunately, it was not very sunny that day so I couldn’t enjoy the full beauty of Sevilla. I imagine that, with sun, it must be even more beautiful.


We started with the « Place of Spain ». It is said it is the best place…. In the country. It is very beautiful, big, details are sumptuous. I can’t wait to go to Madrid to see if Sevilla has really the best place of Spain!

We went next to the Tower of Gold, a military watch tower, build in the 13th century. Its name comes from its colour. When it’s sunny, the structure has a golden colour. Scientifics say it is thanks to a mix of lime and pressed bails of straw.

After that we went to my favourite monument of the city so far: the Alcazar of Sevilla. If you are a fan of Game of Thrones, just like me, you should know this palace. It’s the Martell Palace, of the Dorne kingdom! I was just like a child “can you take a picture of me please?” “I recognize this place!” “I thought it was actually bigger!”. This monument is wonderful, all the architecture details are mind-blowing. A must see, according to me!

I don’t know if it’s because I just went back from the Alcazar or if it’s because I fell in love to Saint-Matthias Church in Budapest (one day, I will write about this trip) but I wasn’t that impressed by the cathedral. Mark my words, this is a magnificent document, I had a great time but it was not unforgettable.

And we finish with the Metropol Parasol, also called “las setas” literally “the mushrooms” because of its structure form. With the entrance fee you get a free drink (go tinto de verano!) and you can exchange your ticket at the end for a free postcard. If the monument itself is not that beautiful (I have a little problem with modern art), it offers a wonderful view point on the city.

Our one-day trip is already finished! It went fast! I’ll see you soon for other Best Life trips and to share my experience in Granada. Bye Felicia!





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