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How I can help you

Do you feel the need to outsource your blog articles, including travel web writing? The writer’s block is hitting you ? Looking for someone with various experiences in the topics you want to write about ?

I’ve been writing online since 2017 and I’ve been a travel and pop culture content writer since 2020. Mainly self-taught, I am also trained in bilingual creative writing and content creation. My favourite subjects are related to my studies and professional experiences: tourism, education and pop culture. I draw in my personal experiences both in France and abroad to write about the countries I have visited and the cities I loved.

My web writing services :

I can write your editorial and web content for you and for your various platforms. Together, we’ll build your online communication strategy in order to humanize it. We will adopt a unique and modern tone to speak directly to your target. You want to speak directly to your future students? To their parents? I write articles on topics that they can relate to personally. Learning a language is a (changing) life experience!

Your articles and web pages will be written to meet SEO (search engine optimization) expectations. Simply put, your content will be optimized for search engines and their algorithms, such as Google, to guarantee you better visibility online.

Because I am French born and raised, I would be more than happy to work with you on localization projects, such as translation and adaptation of your website for a French and French-speaking audience, in order to ensure authenticity.

Most of my portfolio is in French at the moment and I can’t wait to work with you !

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