What’s next for Maëva’s Mapa Mundi ?

We are already in August, and it’s already the time to think about September. At the dawn of 2017 and of my semester abroad, I created this blog. Find out what is next for September, my trips, and what will happen to this blog.

Canterbury, 2017.

As time goes by, I feel the need to come back to writing. True writing. Fiction – or not – that helped me to escape and that had nothing to do with classes, essays to hand in or other classical and boring internship reports, or even this trilingual blog.

So, does it mean my travels are over?

Italie, 2014.

I will not go back to school in September – I mean, college – or at least in a disguised form: I’ll be a teaching assistant in UK for this school year, I take a “gap” year to think about my master plans, my future and try education to find out if I really like it. I won’t have a full schedule, so I’ll have time for two things that are dear to my heart: writing and traveling. I will talk about it in more details whenever I’ll be able to. As my Erasmus journey, Assistantship will have its own category.

Budapest, 2016.

It means that from now one and for the next (school) year, between jobs and summer internships, I’ll be alternating custody : one week writing for the travel blog, one week writing for me.

Disneyland Paris 2016.

Why ? This Erasmus blog was a challenge – Can I post an article a week for more than twenty weeks? – and I did it! Today, I only have 2 or 3 bonus articles left, and I don’t want to rush to write them. Of course, I’m leaving for England so I’ll have plenty new articles to write about it, but I don’t have the pressure of the Erasmus deadline. Now that I’m settled in Maëva’s Mapa Mundi, I intend to remain! It will take one year, two, three maybe to write about my adventures, but it seems good to me. As a year counts 52 weeks, I’ll be writing 25 articles – more or less – for this blog, which is acceptable.

Angleterre, 2013.

My blog will turn one year in February. I would like to professionalize it, to make it clean, proper. I would like to keep that “instagram” vibe but I also want to take extra care of the pictures now, to be more “blogger”, even to show my face… I could even split the articles according to the languages, everything at its place! If it will be the first year it will be the second etc. Full-term, I would like to buy a domain name, transfer this blog on wordpress.org and create a professional and ergonomic interface, easy to navigate. It’s only a project for now, we shall see!

Italie, 2014.

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