Where to eat in Granada?


Quick grab:

Papas Elvira (Calle Elvira, 9, near Plaza Nueva)

There, you can grab a quick bite to eat or take homemade food and oriental pastries away. I tasted the vegan pita falafel for only 3,5 euros, such a delight for such a small price! They also sell vegetable empanadas, but I wasn’t lucky to taste them. (yet!)

Eco de leite,  Calle Santa Escolástica,1

Perfect during heat waves, Eco de leite is a bit more far away from the usual touristic neighborhood but still within the center. Ice creams are not more expensive that everywhere else but are organic and some are even vegan. For the food lovers! Bonus point: a refreshing choice of flavors.

Olivava, Camino Nuevo de San Nicolás, 13,

A good discovery on the way to (or back from) the mirador San Nicolas when you need a snack. You can choose vegetarian and vegan options for juices, avocado wraps or south-flavored salted pies. You can also find local and organic products: olive oil, beers etc. Near that place you can find La Talega (Plazuela San Miguel Bajo 9) a local and organic shop with vegan ice creams! Bonus point: I discovered there that Spanish pisto doesn’t mean pesto but Ratatouille!

La Finca Coffee, Calle Colegio Catalino, 3

A nice discovery at the end of my journey. In a modern and minimalist style, La Fince offers cakes and beverages, with vegan alternative with almond and soy milk. We can drink hot chocolates! Bonus points: the hipster vibe and goodies for coffee addicts, such as totebags.

Patio de los perfumes, Carrera del Darro, 5

A very touristic and classical tea house that offers tea and other delights near Plaza Nueva. The decoration is its main attractive trait. Bonus points: Sweets offered with the ordered tea.


Puerta de syria , Calle Elvira, 56

I discovered this restaurant during a friend’s birthday dinner. Near Plaza Nueva, the Syrian restaurant is in the town’s centre, you can’t miss it. It’s very cheap and it allows alternatives for everyone: omni, vegetarian, vegan… I only advise you to go early to have the chance to taste the hummus, that is out of stock quickly. Bonus points: falafels are so thick that only one is enough to end your hunger (or to chock you)

El Ojú, 4, General Narváez Street, (near Calle Recogidas)

El Ojú is a real vegan jewel. Both tapas bar and restaurant, everyone will find the right match. I often go there for tapas: If I may, take the tortilla, the hamburgers and everything made with seitan. Glasses of wine are cheap and you can taste a local and organic cola! But If I were you, I would not take the “carne con salsa”, if the taste isn’t bad, the stringy texture reminds me of lamb meat… Not for me! The rest is wonderful: I tried one of their lentils steak hamburger (as a real meal, this time) with homemade fries, I couldn’t get enough! To finish, a creamy strawberry cake (I took it to takeaway, so forgive me for the bad presentation). The whipped cream is made with coconut! Bonus point: the staff is funny, nice, and always smiling. Be careful! This bar is always crowded, make sure to come early!

Hicuri, 4 place of los Girones

Hicuri is one of my fav. It is actually the first vegan restaurant I ate in this semester. The restaurant was vegetarian before turning completely vegan a couple of years ago. And they are proud of it: on the wall, you can read “restaurant vegano”. Its walls are painted with graffities that look more like huge mural painting. You can listen to acoustic Disney songs played on the piano. You can try and taste the menu for only 14 euros, which is more than affordable according to me. I first took a soup, than an Asian plate with rice and spicy tofu and to finish a piece of chocolate cake that I can’t show you because I ate it all way before taking a picture. And I drank a coco milk hot cocoa with all that. I will go back, for sure.

Noodlerest, Calle Principe, 4

A really good surprise for me as I am a big fan of Asian restaurants. Spanish people are not really fond of that type of food from what I see. I discovered Noodlerest walking in small streets near the city center. They take care of you: you choose your own menu from different features, you can choose vegetarian or vegan alternatives. Bonus point: the noodles box are a “window dressing”, as they seem small and expensive for the quantity but can fit noodles for two.

Muglia Indian restaurant, Calle Joaquin Costa 4

I tested that one on my own birthday’s lunch. There are two of these in the center, you can choose! They have affordable prices and huge portions (especially the naans, be careful it’s way bigger than the one they give you in France!) so it’s difficult to finish everything. The staff wasn’t that nice but everyone can have a bad day. Bonus point: the naans and the flock of offered sauces.


El Sol, (Acera del darro, 2, near Puerta Real)

Granada’s speciality is the Pionono. I went to the bakery El Sol but you can find them everywhere in the city. It reminded me something like a soaked cannelé (from Bordeaux), like a baba rum. I chose the classic one but there a lot of different flavours. I also tasted the Felipe which is a pastry with meringue.

Pizza Metro (21, Gran Capitan street)

To me, it’s the best pizzería in Granada. Okay, it’s not fair because I didn’t try that many pizzerias. But this one is enough for me! In the centre, very cheap, very good, you can order in the restaurant or to go and you have plenty of choices. It is not vegan but you can ask to remove the cheese on vegetarian pizza. This is a very famous pizzeria in Granada, I recommend you come early if you want to have a seat. But they are also open very late, until midnight…as every other bar in the city. Bonus point: you can ask a METER of pizza (okay, it is in the name of the company) or half a meter; and choose how many different pizza you want in one. You can also ask for a doggy bag to go. Paradise.

The Good Burger, 16, Acera del darro

A fast food chain with a New York touch, very convenient and that offer an option for vegetarians, with the “veggie burger” and its guacamole. A large choice of different fries (sweet potatoes!) for a very small price. Perfect for a lunch with friends so that everyone can find their happiness.

La Kroketería de Tía Petra, carril del picon, 3

You can find them on Facebook.

What else to wish for during a break between different thrift shops? As its name shows it, the small food channel la Kroketeria offers takeaway croquettes, like potato croquettes and fritters, with a melting filling. There are not that many options for vegetarians but you can find your happiness with some bites of cheese and walnut croquettes, or mushrooms ones. I personally fell in love with the cauliflower fritters, a big surprise that delights the taste buds!